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​​​​​​​​​​​TheShmoopy's project began in 2012 as an experimental idea for making personal products for ourselves, our closest friends and our family. In 2017 that idea turned into a real business. The idea was to incorporate sustainability, mindfulness and peace into products created natural ingredient and by our own two hands. To be able to offer these products and services to our friends and family was just the beginning. This dream is finally becoming a reality and with this reality comes happiness which shines down all the way to our customers.

 Thanks for being a part of the dream.

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Our very small staff is not professionally trained and we are not experts, but we sure maintain the highest standards and through our background for quality, with a proven record in medical and aerospace quality control. Our dedication and goal has been proven throughout the owner's history. ​


Our goal is to eventually be the most well known, warm spirited, welcoming, natural products company on the planet or at least the United States. Who knows maybe our products will even change the course of the future.  We are continuously working on new recipes to benefit various people.  Our goal is to bring you innovative products that deliver exceptional results, maximize health and wellness benefits.