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​​Yummmmy, a great complete smoothie breakfast  naturally fights against sickness. 

- blueberries 1/2 cup or more
- blackberries 1/2 cup
- cherries 1/2 cup
- raspberries 1/2 cup
- chia seeds....2 tablespoons
- carrots .........2 carrots or .10 baby carrots
- cucumber.....1/2 cucumber with skin
- basil ...............3 stems totaling 10 leaves +/-
- lemon.............1 organic lemon with seeds
- almonds.........1/4 cup
- Power Greens(spinach, kale, chard)..1 big handful
- cranberries or juice unsweetened not from concentrate 1/2 cup
- water or ice, water blends easier, put enough water, approximately  halfway up the amount of ingredients in emulsifier/blender.

​- dates............6 or 7 --REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE PIT


- Turmeric, if you have it. 1 teaspoon or more

- honey (LOCAL RAW UNFILTERED, Meet the BeeKeeper)...2-3 tablespoons...

- unsweetened raw yogurt (GOAT OR COCONUT) AFTER blending for a creamy, tasty, happy gut, breakfast.
* ADD plain unsweetened yogurt AFTER BLENDING​ other ingredients, helps keep the living enzymes, living.
*don't ruin your healthy creation by adding sweetened junk food yogurt like Yoplait, Dannon or any of the other junk food yogurts that have all sorts of added ingredients.
- banana...........1/2 to 1 whole skin -Taste great but not healthy for mother earth - Learn EXTERNALITIES of what is in banana farming.

- Place long ingredients standing vertical in blender

- Large frozen ingredients go in last, towards top

- Add liquids before adding frozen ingredients

- START BLENDER ON SLOW SPEED TO MIX/PUREE ITEMS AND THEM INCREASE SPEED TO HIGH. Doing this keeps the blending easy(easy cleanup and mixes itself without tamping)

Blend in a Dr. Ians Shred Emulsifier(fancy name for awesome, inexpensive, digital, blender as good as vitamix or blendtek) for 45 seconds to 1 and a half minutes for a super smooth delicious smoothie, daily. 


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