Just because it's VEGAN doesn't mean it's only for Vegan's!!

I love Shmoopy's!!!
Hi!! I've been using natural deodorants for the last few years and honestly, yours is the best I have ever tried! And I have tried so so so many. Yet, Shmoopy's is the first where I only have to use a little bit of deodorant and it lasts most of the day! With no irritation! No clothing stains! And from a local bay area company! I also love that you guys don't use baking soda!! I have sensitive pits (which is why I switched to natural in the first place) and baking soda is a no-go. Also, all the scents I've tried are amazing! And I so appreciate the little extras in my orders!! And your packaging is eco-friendly!! I'm honesty a little sad that the deodorant goes so far because it means I'll have to wait so long to reorder! Basically, ya'll are great and your product is great. Shmoopy's is my forever deodorant. I wish ya'll the best!! - Isabelle


​I'm a Jill but sweat like a Lumberjack! This Fresh scent is as invigorating as it is powerful! Daring the mustiness to try to ruin the interview! I"m a fan - keep it coming! The Products AND the Puns! Fun!!! In the Sun!! - Chris

Thank you for the gifts, that is so thoughtful. I was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago. (I’m ok, it wasn’t life threatening and it was caught in time),  I needed to change what products I use and put on my body.  All the “healthy” type deodorants were kinda weird and I didn’t like them. When I went to the Petaluma Farmers Market at Luchessi Park on a Tuesday afternoon, I purchased the Lime scented stick. I loved it, it is great stuff!  So I’m excited to try a new scent and really happy you guys take mail orders.
I hope everyone is safe and that your company will flourish. It’s a great product.
Thank you again! - Mary


"Hi, One day going to eat at World of Wrap my fiancee and I came across your stand. We got a lavender deodorant. I have to say its my fav I have ever tried. Smells great, lasts, and I love the whole product to the mission statement you have for your business. I love the content you have on your online store! I wish you the best." - Ari


"Hi, Let me just begin by saying THANK YOU... My husband began not using deodorant with all the additives in it about a year ago, his concern was I believe the aluminum. I searched high and low for a clean product that he would use that would help with the FUNK. I found nothing that would calm his awful body oder. I could Not lay my head on his shoulder with out getting GASSED by his pit. Gross... Anywho I was at the Farmers market in Santa Rosa Ca and came across these wonderful little Gems with all their awesome scents and decided to try the Coripatrosa for the husband, well let me tell you I can now lay my head on my husbands shoulder and no more funky-funkerson. He has been cured of his Foulicity Stench I could not be happier. He even has gotten compliments at work on how good he smells .... I am very happy to have found this deodorant for my husband it has saved my marriage hahahaha just kidding... but on a serious note he does not smell any more and that makes him and me happy... Great job Shmoopys keep it up and change Nothing" - Sharon


"I love your deodorant. I recently went on a long hike and got bit by a spider. When I got back to my car, not only did I still smell good but the spider bite that I got was irritating me badly. I had the deodorant in my car since I was expecting to smell after the hike since other natural deodorants don't work.. Instead of using the deodorant under my arms, I used it on the spider bite and the irritation quickly went away and didn't come back. What a great product." - Tina



"​​Shmoopy's definitely shows the quality and care of ingredients in how it works and smells, love the scents" - Marisa


"This deodorant smells great and I don't stink" - Micheal

"I Love it" - Sara 

"I bought other stuff and doesn't work nearly as good as Shmoopy's" - Joseph

"OMG, I love this stuff" - Johanna

"Great" - Raphael

"It's super, I didn't stink even the next morning. I don't smell like $#@% anymore" - Jaya


"We usually don't use deodorant because we don't want to use chemicals on our skin. My husband likes your product a lot but I absolutely love it!! We went camping and for a couple of days and left your deodorant at home, after TWO days we still didn't smell. Thank You! - Sam and Mike


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